The Founders

The Tin-Soldier Ltd. was founded in the spring of 2006 for the construction of the giant hussar statue. The company was established and registered by Mr. Mihály Vlaszák, Mr. János Vas protocol maker and Mr. István Rohonczi sculptor.

The managing director and owner of Metalloglobus Metal Casting and Trading Ltd., Mr. Mihály Vlaszák's idea was to build the world's largest tin soldier statue with molding process, to which his company supplies the raw material, and he partly finances, organizes and coordinates the project. Successfully found a supporting partner for this: a customer of his company, Mr. János Vas, who creates protocols in his enterprise in Dunaújváros, and who at firstly prepares 35 cm replicas for the financing the sculpture set up.

They thought that the soldier statue would be really successful if it represented artistic value in itself, if a professional sculptor does it. So got the team István Rohonczi  (Rohó), who Artist-Teacher in Dunaújváros. He shaped the sculpture of the giant Hussar pattern first 1 meter, then 2 meters, and later zoomed it to the final size. The tin-soldier statue is designed to build in a foundry in Budapest.

The number of members of the team has been steadily expanding over the months, with persons, associations and enterprises: with assistants involved in operational implementation. Perhaps this is the reason why the team grows with new ideas in every day. It turned out that so much tin would be needed to create a record-sized statue that is almost impossible to finance by one enterprise! So the plan had to be changed: instead of the tin soldier made a Hussar statue of concrete.

Mr. Mihály Vlaszák

He was born in Tiszaföldvár in 1959. He has been living in Budapest since 1967. After completing the Miklós Steimetz Secondary School, he began working as a trained worker in Csepel Works. At work, he earned a Bachelor degree of Business Engineering at the College of Dunaújváros of the Miskolc University of Technology.

Since 1989 he has been working at Metalloglobus Company for various management positions. Meanwhile, he earned a Business Administrator degree in Marketing at the Szolnok Commercial College. 

Since 2004 he has been the owner and managing director of Metalloglobus Metal Casting and Trading Ltd. The company deals with the processing and production of tin, lead alloys.

He has been married since 1982. His wife also works at the company as an economic leader. They have two children, Andras 32, and Zsófia 29 years old.

Mr. János Vas

He was born in 1953 in Budapest. He had graduated as an Automotive Technical Teacher at Bánki Donat Technical College of Engineering. As a fresh graduated professional, he moved to Dunaújváros.

He worked at the then Duna Ironworks and Dunaújváros Kohász SE because in the meantime he has also become a certified sports organizer by completing the College of Physical Education.

Since 1985 he has been the secretary of the Hungarian Automobile Club's Dunaújváros Organization.

In 1992, he became acquainted with the new-technology tire-driven precision centrifugal casting. Since then, this technique has been used to produce honors for local governments, individual coins for sports association competitions. His company, Éremmester Ltd. is a well-known player in the domestic market. Their unique coins and badges can be found in many places.

He has been dealing Miska-Hussar for 11 years, and on his activity perhaps the most commonly used indicator is the do-all. 

Mr. István Rohonczi (Rohó)

painter, sculptor

He was born: in Törökkoppány, on 22 February 1957

His address: 2400 Dunaújváros, Balogh Ádám u. 24.

1979-83: Janus Pannonius University, Faculty of Teacher Education, Geography-Drawing  specialization

2005 – Moholy-Nagy University of Applied Arts, Visual and Environmental-Culture Teacher specialization 

He teaches at the Széchenyi István High School in Dunaújváros, here He has been leading the Sponge Gallery since 1995.

Awards, scholarships:

1991 – FKSE award; Fejér County Autumn Exhibition - Dunaújváros Self-Government Award

1993 – Dunaújváros Fine Artists Exhibition - Dunaújváros For Art Foundation Award

1994 – 3. National Woodburning Exhibition - the prize of the Hungarian Cultural Institute

1996 – Dunaújváros Exhibition Award

1998 – Dunaújváros Fine Artists' Exhibition - Dunaújváros For Art Foundation Prize

2005 – Fejér County Exhibition - Dunaújváros For Art Foundation Award

2007 – Pro Cultura Intercisae Award

2008 - Dunaújváros Fine Artists' Exhibition – Dunaújváros For Art Foundation Prize

2011 – Fejér County Autumn Exhibition, Dunaújváros Local Government Award

Membership of the organizations:

Member of the Presidium of Újpart - Association of Fine Arts and Applied Artists in Dunaújváros

He is a member of Dunaújváros Workshop

1992 -: member of the Túlsó P’Art 

1989 -: member of the FKSE 

Individual exhibitions:

1985 Workers' Cultural Center, Dunaújváros

1991 Bartók Béla Cultural Center, Dunaújváros

1992 Selection from István Rohonczi and Gyula Várnai's paintings, Intercisa Museum, Dunaújváros

1994 Activart Gallery, Szentendre

2009 Bartók Béla Cultural Center, You Never Know Exhibition, Dunaújváros

2009 KMI, Látom-Más exhibition with Végh Abigel, Dunaújváros

2010 Galéria Arcis, Sárvár

2013 ROHOizmus exhibition, Dunaújváros

Selected group exhibitions:

1990 – Studio '90, Ernst Museum, Budapest

1993 – Young Artists Club, Budapest, Raum und Kunst Galerie, Hamburg, Germany

Kurfürsten Galerie, Kassel, Germany

1994 – 3. National Woodburning Exhibition, Nagyatád

1995 – Situation / Hungarian Sculpture, Műcsarnok, Budapest

2007 – Fejér County Autumn Exhibition, St. Stephen's King Museum, Székesfehérvár

2008 – Iroquois Gallery New part, Szombathely

2009 – Bartók Chamber Theater and House of Arts, Dunaújváros, With title: You never know

2009 – KMI, Dunaújváros, LÁTOM – MÁS exhibition with Végh Abigel

2010 – Gallery Artis, Sárvár with Kelemen Marian Eva

2011 – Chamber Gallery, Dunaújváros

2011 - Fejér County Autumn Exhibition, St. Stephen's King Museum, Székesfehérvár

His works in public collections:

Paksi Gallery, Paks

Sculpture Park, Bukovec, Szlovákia

Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc

His works in public spaces:

János Bajza bust, Szücsi

István Széchenyi bust, Dunaújváros

II. John Paul Pope bust, Dunaújváros

Gate, Rácalmás

Guardians, Rácalmás

Antal Dréta's bust, Mezőfalva

The bust of Hagyó Kovács János, Előszállás

József Kegyes's bust, Bölcske

Zsuzsanna Lorántffy bust, Dunaújváros

Imre Csanádi relief, Agárd

World War I memorial, Pákozd

III. András bust, Bölcske

Apostles sculpture group, Apostag

Borocs main clan bust, Baracs

Borocs main clan wood sculptor memorial park, Baracs

Mary, St. Stephen, St. Ladislaus full-figure statues, Szerencs – Legyesbénye

Alexander Frederick bust, Dunaújváros