Our website was hacked!

A few months ago our website was hacked. As a result, the past content of our website has disappeared, becoming invisible and inaccessible. There was hardly anything left in the original content of our website: no webshop, no news, no basic information for those interested.

Yes, gangsters are in every profession. And we caught one. Our former online service provider, our contracted business partner, demanded a ransom for unpaid work and made an immoral attack on our webpage. Despite the fact that they did not carry out the task we ordered, they demanded the payment for this, which we were not willing to pay in the absence of performance. That's why the service provider was angry and arbitrarily canceled the part of the content description file on our site which determined what-where to appear on that website. That is, our website has disappeared, it has become invisible to the Internet audience. Despite all our requests and threats, we were unable to gain a better insight into the service and restore our web presence, so we were forced to look for a new provider and a new web developer.

We were forced to rebuild our website. We sincerely hope that similar atrocity can no longer reach the people who love Miska-Hussar, visit our website or seek any cooperation with us in the virtual space. However, based on our bitter experience, we are protecting everyone from computer gangsters, from polish leslies and directinfo adventurers. Learn from our example, and avoid such a choker far away!