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  • The world's largest Hussar statue

    New Hungarian tourist attraction is unique in its genre, made of 100 tons of concrete and 12.5 meters high. Caring for hussar traditions, art and tradition! These thoughts have created the Hungarian composite union of the Miskahusar and creating it.

    The monumental Hussar statue is next to the M7 highway, in Pákozd, so called Beetle hillock. Where it was said that Jellasic the Croat and Imperial-Royal feldzeugmeister had stood in September 1848.

    • Miska-Hussar coloring booklet

      „Hungarian Hussars” Coloring Booklet
      The 22 most famous hussar banderium of Hungarian history are presented in this niche publication. We can not only know the names of the hussar formations of this booklet, but also of their clothing / weapons, what kind of colors they characterized their clothing, and what battles they had participated.

    Address: 8095 Pákozd, Bem utca 45.

    Phone: +36-20/344-27-28

    Web: www.miskahuszar.hu

    Email: szelespr@miskahuszar.hu