Like in case of every great idea, success depends on people. Typical equally able to see fantasy and opportunity in the giant Hussar statue, in the Hungarian hussar's symbol for all contributors, helpers, or supporters, who took part in workflow not regretting their time and energy, and accepting and acknowledging the core values which are representing and symbolizing by Miska-Hussar, which basically keeps this community together.

The project was born in spring 2006: the dreamer of giant hussar is Mr. Mihály Vlaszák, the leader and owner of Metalloglobus Metal Casting and Trading Ltd. Mr. Janos Vas, who deals with casting of unique souvenirs from Dunaújváros joined firstly to refine, to design and implementation of the idea. He introduced Mr. István Rohonczi, the well-known sculptor, the Giant Hussar creator to the idea owner. The imagination, the will and the persistence of these three people gave the decisive energies of the project. The sculpture was built exclusively from private capital (financed by Mr. Mihály Vlaszák and his company), no public funds was paid or no received any state subsidies.

But besides them, a lot of people supported the preparation of the statue, trying to add the best of their knowledge and opportunities to the project, to set up the statue successfully. Not forgetting the numerous volunteer helpers and principle and moral supporters, the inhabitants of the settlement, the lovers of hussars and the Hungarian history, without attempting to be comprehensive, the most prominent corporate and personal supporters of the Miska-Hussar project were in the abc sequence of their names:

  • Dr. Tibor Benkő Colonel General, Chief of Defence General
  • Mr. Ferenc Borsits
  • Mr. Károly Budai
  • Egrokorr Paint Company Co.
  • Dr. István Görög
  • Greenmetal Ltd.
  • Lt.-Gen. János Huszár
  • Mr. Juhász Péter
  • Mr. Szabolcs Katona carpenter
  • Limelog Ltd.
  • Megakrán Ltd.
  • Mr. Frigyes Major
  • Metalloglobus Co.
  • Lt.-Gen. Zoltán Orosz
  • Öko 2002 Ltd.
  • Mr. Norbert Papp
  • Dr. Károly Polgár
  • Mr. Rohonczi (Roho) István
  • Ruag Co.
  • Mr. János Sipos
  • Mr. Gábor Soós
  • Dr. István Takács
  • Timpanon P + P Ltd.
  • Mr. János Vas
  • Mr. Mihály Vlaszák